In recognition of the contribution of FINIC in machine systems design and exemplary entrepreneurship, it pleased the former President, Dr. Earnest Bai Koroma to award FINIC’S Managing Director – Mr. Foday Melvin Kamara – Membership of the order of the Rokel.

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The Fomel Industry & National Industrialization Centre  – FINIC –  was established in 1997 as a business entity with a mission to pursue research into machine systems design for productivity enhancement in the transformation of agricultural produce into value added products. Enshrined in this mission is a contribution to the reduction of import dependency and laying a foundation for the industrial development of our country Sierra Leone. From establishment to date, FINIC  has positioned itself to be the best among those few indigenously owned  entrepreneurial undertakings  venturing into  machine systems design and construction.  In Sierra Leone, FINIC is a household name as we take pride in going to the unknown, the path of which often turns the ordinary into the extraordinary.  Our passion serves the spotlight to shine light on easy paths to boost agro processing and consequently turn the farmer into dignified laboring person.  We design and construct equipment such as rice mill, cassava processing machine, palm oil mills, hammer mills, rice threshers, rice de-stoning machines, and effective systems in dehydration technologies.  


A factor that hold us together as a team of Engineers/technicians and have the same feel and sense of pride is our ability to give ourselves the floor to have each of us  heard in designing an equipment.  Following this style, has in many cases, taken us away from following sophisticated paths and often yield results of coming out with affordable technological solutions that befit those at the bottom of the poverty pyramid. We have learnt that excitement, deep knowledge and deep passion have a tendency for ignoring or forgetting easy paths which others,  who  are not in that cocoon, can spot.  Listening to them and involving them in the design and construction processes, will give a firing spirit and a strong team work because success or failure is also psychologically shared.  Utilization of this management concept at FINIC has been yielding fruits. The great majority of machines including the coin operated Condom Vending Machine was designed and constructed following this tenet.

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