Clay Bricks Making Machines made in Sierra Leone by FINIC.

Making Use of What We Have to Get What We Want is a Mark of Self Respect and a Path to Freedom – A brief insight into Clay Bricks Making Machines made in Sierra Leone by FINIC.

Folks, shelter is one of the basic needs of the human race. There is an innate desire for each one of us to provide shelter for family, business etc. Often, humanity at the lowest point of the poverty pyramid is over stretched and stressed in reaching that goal for reasons not unconnected with the initial capital outlay. For many, the cost of building materials is prohibitive and thus impose a serious strain on humanity. Sadly also, an environmental foot print is often left to wreck havoc and negate other aspects necessary for a civilized and dignified living on planet earth. In processing cement and other building materials for example, energy thirsty equipments and processes spit huge quantities of harmful emissions into the atmosphere. Smartness therefore, demands that we show responsibility by demonstrating practicable and simple technological solutions without robing us of the aesthetic values in improvising our needs for shelter.

FINIC, being a Technology Generation Enterprise, has been developing machines for the manufacture of bricks using clay/soil among many others. Initially, we started with the Cinvaram brick making machine named after the South American inventor. Within a 21 year of positive and consistent trajectory, the FINIC Team of Engineers/Technicians grew in confidence and knowledge to venture into much more complicated machinery to include interlocking bricks making machines , concrete blenders etc. Today, we use the FINIC designed and manufactured Blender in the processing of briquettes for Shisha smoking and fuel for cooking. It’s application in bricks making either cement or clay is hugely important. It is a sturdily built piece of equipment beating imported ones in both effectiveness and robustness.

Folks, our pride as a nation can not be demon

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